Long Day’s End

I sound tired.

My mind takes random walks without me.

When I realize, it’s off to the tangled twine of memory races.

I feel tired.

My eyes won’t stay open.

My mind reminds me of sleep.

I am tired.

Work that took minutes is taking hours. I fell asleep listening to a favourite podcast.

I dreamed awake.

Lazy Thursdays

Up at five am. I tossed and turned. I had dozed off before a fly buzzed around my head till I shot up to swat it.

I paced till I decided sleep was no longer an option. The birds were screeching outside.

At work, I flitted between emails and notifications. The lunch break took two hours.

I circled a task till it was dark outside and my energy and the charge on my laptop were 10%.

My bar returned to full as I listened to a dishy podcast.


From not so far away,

They drift over trees, through walls and into my ears.

Meows, Woofs, Groans, Yells

My laptop screen blurs as my head whips in their direction.

Laughs, Screams, Calls

When they leave, I listen.

Whispers, Creaks, Drips, Chuckles

I am in my house. Should I be listening?



On bright days, I can see people stroll, smell the waft of rubbish smoke and hear the drone of distant traffic.

Every now and then, birds leave the sky and walk in the lane. Most times in pairs, sometimes alone.

The cars stroll past, few sneak, one or two may stomp their way past. It’s usually the regulars that come and go.

Just before the sun covers its face, children ride bicycles, a man juggles a football and the wind rushes home.

My very eyes…

Saw the sight:

Out of a window on an overcast morning.

Across a lane and a yard,

Came a dog leaping, bounding over pavement and hedge.

In his wake, head black- the rest white.

His pursuer watched till satisfied with the distance.

Then the cat trotted back to the house.

Outside the window

It looked great to my sleepy eyes.

The little boy playing with his father. The children seated on a veranda.

It felt tiring.

The running about. Just being in the sun.

Would I go?

I had slept only 3 hours. Sleep was a turn and half roll away. Flat on my back, sleep fled. Bright sky,a breeze, people and the possibility of warmth.

It looked great to my sleepy eyes.

Shut Eye Lack

….was particularly hard to deal with today.

The desert behind the eyes, the body and mind on different tracks was a part of it.

Morpheus kept his distance. Whether the windows were open or closed with blinds drawn, no dreams came.

I saw a power line sway with the wind. I heard birds overhead. A toddler ranted. A dog whined.

I decided to get up.

My eyes flashed open two hours later.

Evening route

The music on the radio is inane.

I could scratch-but I trimmed the mane.

Instead, I have my stare on tail lights catching reflector streaks trace through the dark.

I almost miss the car that has stalled in my lane-no lights.

The final turn feels long in the dark. The dark feels deeper with no lights-another outage.

Through the curtains a faint light shines-home.

A Breaking Branch

Digits on keys to a clattering halt.

I stopped to catch a glimpse of the flight footed.

As they struck out across the lawns and strips of dirt.

Fruit laden hands and bare feet.

At the gate they started walking.

A bird cackled.

Streaks and Showers

The thunder seemed far off.

The thought of rain, far away.

When the storm coughed.

I stopped.

The clear splotches fell.

The hush fell.

The storm rumbled.

And chucked as it strode away.

The sky crouched for a while,

Before the sun peeked.