The wind walked on the tarmac. It swept up the dust in swirls ten feet high. As it strode past, the grains prickled skin and scratched at eyes.

In the distance, the low clouds did not follow. They, with arms folded, loudly pouted at the spectacle on the tarmac and clucked.

On the tarmac, the wind began to whistle-loudly. Umbrellas left at home rattled, leaves fled trees and a hush fell.

The rain decided to fall another day.

Interesting Choice of Tune

The sun is shining. Children are running on the lawn in the soft breeze. Adults are seated beneath parasols. Someone strikes up a boombox.

Just a little music to add to the laughter, call of birds, and rustle of leaves in the trees.

First song: Tonight, I Celebrate My Love by Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack

I double check my ears and hide my face from the awkward moment. When I judge it is safe to peer from my perch, it is lunchtime.

  Probably time for some jazz.

Second song: Secret Lovers by Atlantic Starr

Everyone seems comfortable. No one seems to mind the lyrics. I might be hearing things.

Silent Drizzle

I didn’t hear a thing. I saw the puddles. A few drops leapt off the roof and into my hair.

I thought I saw dew on the grass. But it was a little after eight and the sun turned away in its blanket of cloud.

I tried sneaking across concrete and tarmac. Some leaps were inches short of splatter spread by falling feet. I could see the streaks of mud: mud streaked chic anyone?

For a moment the drizzle doused the heat.

For a moment, I was glad. The next moment I wished the drizzle was loud.


When you first saw it,

You were upset.

A dozen viewings later;

Meh, as you go about everything else

It doesn’t move you anymore.

Not like the moments of imminent danger.

I see-that. I see what’s meant for people a little older. All the hidden meaning will come to you-eventually.

In a few more viewings.

These Sweaty Days

Have me thinking of climate change.

I am indoors with the open windows;

The breeze is warm and a hard working fan would be louder than the lack of cool.

I don’t wish for cold weather. Just for the skies to fall and smother the dust. For a steady shower to banish the heat.

In the meantime, sweat falls run steaks down my face, my hair is wet and I wonder whether this is what a desert is like.

Two Trucks

Watching the tarmac behind the wheel of the wagon, I felt a slight smile. The truck leaning under the weight of a tall load puffed wisps of black smoke. I tracked it’s speed. At the corner of my eye, a second truck heaved past and braked sharply as an SUV ahead of a sedan switched lanes without warning or indication.

Both trucks veered right and left me, and those with me, a clear path to our destination.  A moment at a time till what is ahead and besides move on.

To myself

…I promised. Once things changed. Once the zeroes added up. Once I was older. Once I could afford it. Once I was a husband. Once I was a father. Once I had the qualification. Once I could make the time.

…I think: Was it the loudest? What is the deepest? How did it come to this? Is there more track left ahead of me? What if the road should come to an abrupt end?

…I am blessed. I get to count it a moment at a time.


I was watching the star. I heard that there was more room. I inched forward till the fold snapped. I found another way to move beyond the view of the sky. On earth, the lights were bright, beams streaked into light-less darkness. I felt it-still. The torn fold. The crunching sound. The twinkle far away.

So Close

Like four seconds short.

Like the car blocking your way when you’re about to run a quick errand.

Like a fuzzy mind when the big assignment comes.

Like 0440hrs

Like falling asleep while listening to a good audiobook.

Inconvenient timing.


It wasn’t bright this morning.

I woke to rumblings of engines,

Squeakings of tires, scrunchings of bare earth.

Snatches of conversation walked on the window panes.

It wasn’t quiet this afternoon.

Through the curtains the sky roiled,

Low and grey and fell.

It wasn’t warm this evening.

As the sun looked over its shoulder,

The electricity left for the night life.

The heat wandered off.

The cold stood still.