U turn on the right

I had no plans. I was going no where. Not on that day at least. The weather was a bearable warm and I was watching a screen watch me during bouts of a slug fest with sleep. The ankles were tight and the right side of my back ached. The sofa seemed soft enough. I chose to stop the other watcher. For a moment, it was quiet.

I don’t recall hearing the ring. Only that I had to move. I had my street clothes on and the keys jingled in my pocket. I missed a green light because a compact car took all 15 seconds to cross the junction. I nearly missed my turn and came to realise I was on a bench at an office. A few hard blinks and zooming in from the call of of rushing traffic was what it took to get the spatial tool calibrated. Three stops later and back on the sofa, I couldn’t tell you why I left.